A new era just begun. After many years blogging about the wind, the sky and even worse politics I think it's time for a big change. Focusing on technology and code will of course disappoint my current audience but this blog is meant for having fun. I love technology since my childhood. Primary language will change to English. Sorry about that but almost everything technological arround is based in the US. Secondary language will be Greek.

@tpapatolis 3 days ago More than one week not smoking. Haven't gone crazy yet.
@tpapatolis 3 days ago Today is backup day
@tpapatolis 13 days ago Thank you for your comments and suggestions for our new websites. We are listening.
@vicky_dus 18 days ago The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you can NOT do.
@tpapatolis 19 days ago You can find me also on CodePen now:
@tpapatolis 19 days ago Sorry IE and Edge users but your browser does not support CSS clip-path. Working on a workarround on this.
@tpapatolis 20 days ago Just posted a new video. You can watch it below.
@tpapatolis 20 days ago Creating a bunch of videos today. I will come back soon.
@vicky_dus 23 days ago Winners are not people who never failed but people who never quit. Beat that!
@vicky_dus 23 days ago People do not need to be saved or rescued. People need knowledge of their own power and how to access it.
@tpapatolis 23 days ago Suprise me and Learn more not working in this version. In a few days something new is about to happen.
@vicky_dus 23 days ago Do not hear. Listen!

Just released a new video regarding who I am and what am I doing.

You asked for it. I made it. A short video (regarding what I had to say) starting with the question "who ...

Back online with a new Version of SnapCMX

Hell broke loose the last few days. It is a miracle to be still alive. Hope you like this version. It ...